Kroton’s Geomarketing Campaign Powered with Data-driven Analysis


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Kroton’s Geomarketing Campaign Powered with Data-driven Analysis
Kroton’s Geomarketing Campaign Powered with Data-driven Analysis

When your organization has locations all over the country or world sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the progress of different targeted marketing campaigns. How you analyze all that data to determine the impact your organization is having (or not) makes all the difference in coordinating your next move.

CartoDB helps marketing and communications departments save time and money by adding location intelligence and spatial analytics to their campaigns identifying where when and how a campaign has impact. Kroton a private educational organization with over 100 campuses in the primary secondary and post-secondary segment fused geographic analysis and marketing statistics to discover where their campaigns were most successful as well as potential risk from competitors all across Brazil.

Using CartoDB’s location and data analysis platform Kroton created visualizations to supplement their reports and represent hundreds of locations as well as integrating CartoDB’s technology into their business intelligence dashboard. In addition to the basic display Kroton added other miscellaneous information for geomarketing analysis such as: school locations competitors population by census tract income by census tract economic profile of students and distance between the student to the competitor.

Thanks to our capabilities and features Kroton was able to focus on the creation of a customizable and real-time visualizations that stays updated and easily integrates into their existing platforms. Now Kroton can see the impact of its campaigns and compare what works and doesn’t for better faster decisions.

Discover how Kroton used CartoDB to develop an easy-to-use and integratable data-driven analysis platform to perform geomarketing analytics:

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CartoDB’s location intelligence enriches communications and marketing departments with deep insights from geographical and customer data.

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