Josep Amoros

“CARTO allows us to visualize aggregated data from over 200 million transactions per month. SME’s don’t have Data Science or BI departments, so turning this Big Data into digestible insights that can allow them to grow their business and remain competitive allows us to differentiate ourselves from our competition .”

Josep Amoros

Josep Amorós,
Commerce360 Product Owner

  • icon The Client

    BBVA Data & Analytics

    BBVA is a global leader in Financial Services with a presence in 30 countries. Headquartered in Madrid with more than 75 million customers around the world, their leadership team created a Data Science department to develop digital products for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

    Today, BBVA Data & Analytics leads in areas such as FinTech and Big Data, with a special focus on providing their B2B clients and SMEs access to intelligence derived from their data.

  • icon The Challenge

    Business Intelligence for BBVA retail clients

    Since SMEs drive a large percentage of Spain’s economic activity, BBVA Data & Analytics realized a need among SMEs and B2B clients for a location-based solution capable of providing commercial intelligence related to Performance Management and Site Planning.

    Using CARTO’s platform, BBVA Data & Analytics launched Commerce360, a web-based solution with insights on customer spending patterns, trade area activity, and market performance based on transaction data.

  • icon Results

    Visualizing data from over 200 million transactions per month

    Commerce360 features a customizable dashboard with over 100 different modules that display commercial activity through interactive maps, charts and data visualizations.

    The geographical coordinates from POS store location and the postal code billing address are then geocoded establishing keys measures that can guide site selection decisions when opening, closing or repurposing locations, optimize operational performance based on customer spending patterns, and even run targeted geomarketing campaigns to expand market share.

    The web-based solution has allowed BBVA Data & Analytics to increase their B2B customer acquisition and reduce churn - providing invaluable insights to their SME clients to make them more sticky.

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  • icon Why CARTO?

    A superior and innovative user experience

    Using CARTO’s Engine platform BBVA Data & Analytics was able to build a cutting-edge solution that positioned their brand ahead of the competition. Commerce360 provides a superior and innovative user experience - allowing them to grow their business and enabling their clients to grow theirs simultaneously.

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