seamus faraday

"CARTO’s Location Intelligence platform lets us visualize massive sets of data hosted in Google BigQuery. Thanks to this cloud-native approach to spatial analytics, we have overcome challenges related to scalability and security, and can serve our customers even better."

seamus faraday

Seamus Abshere,
CTO & Co-founder of Faraday

  • icon The Client


    Faraday is the marketer’s choice for consumer prediction infrastructure that combines the right data with the right data science to deliver amazing digital experiences and highly effective 1-to-1 marketing experiences using responsible, no-code AI.

  • icon The Challenge

    Making accurate predictions using large volumes of data

    Predicting the future of ever-evolving industries is a difficult task. It requires a holistic approach to gathering, visualizing, and segmenting data from a variety of sources. Faraday’s challenge was to generate powerful insights through a seamless integration with Google BigQuery, whilst using a fully customizable solution for a variety of customer use cases.

  • icon Results

    Limitless scalability and insight on demand

    Cloud is revolutionizing the way spatial analysis is done. CARTO, as a cloud-native platform running directly on Google BigQuery, gives Faraday the security and scalability needed to take spatial data analytics to the next level. Faraday’s solution enables customers to segment massive volumes of clients and prospects into appropriate audiences based on detailed demographic or behavioral characteristics. In effect, Faraday’s customers can tailor their marketing campaigns and expansion plans based on unique data-driven insights.


  • icon Why CARTO?

    A cloud-native approach that ensures scalability and security

    As a cloud-native solution, CARTO provides Faraday with the near-limitless scalability and performance required to process, analyze and visualize very large datasets hosted in Google BigQuery. This, together with the ability to integrate and provide rapid, ready-made insights, made CARTO the ideal spatial analytics platform for Faraday.

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