Using Location Intelligence to return to Valencian beaches

Generalitat Valenciana

Generalitat Valenciana


The Client

Generalitat Valenciana is the government of the autonomous region of Valencia, Spain. The Generalitat Valenciana was created in 1418, abolished in 1709, and re-established in 1982, after the corresponding Valencian Statute of Autonomy was approved.

The Challenge

Located along the Mediterranean coast on the east side of the Iberian peninsula, the Valencia region in Spain is one of the most popular destinations for both local and international tourists and during the de-escalation phase is currently receiving the highest number of visitors. With over 340 beaches, the Generalitat Valenciana identified the need to provide visitors with a tool, available on their mobile devices, displaying beach capacity.


In order to ensure maximum levels of safety for visitors to the region for the remainder of the vacation period the web app, “Zonas de Bany CV”, was developed.

The “Zonas de Bany CV” tool geolocates the 340 beaches on the coast of the Valencian Community, as well as inland bathing areas, providing relevant and up-to-date information enabling visitors to safely enjoy and discover new areas.


The tool was released in record time thanks to the ease of development of the CARTO platform alongside a strong collaborative effort between Play&go, dotGIS, and CARTO.

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