“Valea changes how professionals in Real Estate approach market analysis. With more and better data, both from traditional sources and also obtained with our own AI algorithms, insights on the Real Estate Market had never been deeper and broader. Since the main goal was to create a platform that could visualize this large amount of information and make it easily accessible, CARTO was our choice. Without a doubt, it has been a great decision.”


Carlos Gómez Castro,
Chief Data & Analytics Officer

  • icon The Client

    Gloval Analytics

    Gloval is a leading firm in comprehensive Real Estate valuation, engineering, consulting, and data analysis services. Born from the merger of several companies in 2017, it has a total of 70 years of combined experience, and over 5 million property valuations made.

  • icon The Challenge

    Analyzing & visualizing large volumes of data

    Gloval’s Data & Analytics team wanted to start using location analytics solutions to develop Valea, a web application that would allow its clients to make spatially-informed decisions on residential property assets. The solution would have to analyze and visualize large volumes of data with challenges in Big Data processing, the need for faster insights & going beyond the PDF format.

  • icon Results

    Deeper & broader Real Estate Market insights

    Valea, Gloval’s new solution (built with CARTO) uses a search engine that filters by address or cadastral value, providing a more exhaustive market study of each census section in Spain, using different KPIs that help obtain a realistic view of market behavior, whilst simultaneously incorporating the possibility to get a rapid valuation online.


  • icon Why CARTO?

    Visualizing a large amount of information & making easily accessible

    Using CARTO’s platform and Professional Services team allowed them to ensure high standards of usability and customization for their clients through the development of a flexible and intuitive tool. Thanks to this, the Gloval team launched the application 7 months earlier than expected, accelerating new revenues.

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