• icon The Client

    idealista is an operator of an online real estate platform. The Company provides the buyers and sellers with useful information to help and guide them in their buying-selling process. It also offers news about the property market and mortgages.

  • icon The Challenge

    The slogan “sol y playa en España (sun and beach in Spain)” continues to attract people from all over the world to buy or rent a property in the Iberian Peninsula. So much so, that 19% of web traffic to real estate listings for Spanish coastal property come from foreigners, vs 81% from a national audience. idealista wanted to take a more visual look at the data and identify some interesting trends.

  • icon Results

    According to the data, the British, Germans, French & Americans were the most prolific visitors to adverts for coastal homes for sale or rental during June. Specifically, the British are the most interested, being the predominant nationality in 193 coastal regions. They are followed by the Germans, who dominate in 127 regions, and the French, in 54. Americans, Dutch, Swiss, Italians and Swedes are also among the nationalities with the most interest in buying a beach property.

  • icon Why CARTO?

    idealista use CARTO for a number of geospatial analyses including this one due to its speed and ease of use, particularly for non technical Business Analysts in the business.

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