What issue does CARTO help solve for Waze and the City of Madrid?

Waze today is the largest crowd-sourced navigation and traffic app worldwide. We have over 100 million active users, spread across the world. I think traffic is a problem and it will not be a problem anymore.

CARTO, as a location intelligence organization helps Waze connect with different organizations such as municipalities and governmental organizations. Get more information for the citizens’ to predict the possibilities and to decide their own itinerary every day to do their job easily and without congestion.

What role does CARTO play in the partnership between Waze and the City of Madrid?

Today we announced a new partnership with CARTO, Waze and the city of Madrid. So, in this case, CARTO was the middleman connecting us, but CARTO will continue being an active contributor to this partnership and help us with the data that we need to exchange with the city of Madrid so, we see ourselves as long-term partners going a long way ahead.

We have a page of open data and CARTO is the most important player to translate that, to convert this open data into intelligence, so the alliance with Waze and CARTO is very interesting for the city. We see it as a B2B to seek partnership, how we’re connecting with different businesses but back to the client, back to the customer, back to the citizen and back to the driver. Every day half a million cars enter and exit from Madrid and we want to support the most important agents that are hosted in Madrid.