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Make data-driven and effective business decisions by applying Spatial Analysis to your Sports Analytics and begin to create better Stadium Planning, Audience Analysis, and Social Media strategies.

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Stadium Indoor Mapping

Improve & optimize stadium experiences by ramping up your venue analytics, using indoor mapping to gain spatial insights. Use fan data generated from WiFi networks, beacons & GPS applications to optimize stadium layouts, improve the “in-the-moment” fan experience with smart routing and wayfinding, allowing your club to increase QSR & merchandising revenues.

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Stadium Indoor Mapping


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Stadium Indoor Mapping

Audience Analysis

Getting a high granularity understanding of online and offline audiences and their locations is key in building a successful fan retention & acquisition strategy for sports organizations and teams. By using your organization’s data, Open Data and new data streams to understand the demographics, socioeconomics & behavior of your audiences - you can run more successful geomarketing strategies to increase ticket & merchandising revenues.

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Social Media Analysis

Many teams are already using social media sentiment analysis to gain insights on audiences, but only a handful of them are considering how relevant the location of fans and their posts can be. Use GIS Sports Analytics and share maps to show how fan networks reflected through social media data can be a powerful illustration of the global reach of your team’s brand.

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What our clients say

  • Mapping allows stakeholders to get an understanding of what it’s like on the ground. We want to accelerate growth, and seeing the strong and weak points for our sport in Australia helps. Having local information helps us to understand where we need to focus campaigns & allocate resources accordingly.

    Shayne Ward,
    National Venues & Community Facilities Manager at AFL

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