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  • Pricing

    How should I price retail units within my mall differently based on footfall?

  • Promotion placement

    Where will we reach maximum eyeballs and ensure ROI for the latest promotion or pop up in our mall?

  • Opening hours analysis

    Would it make sense to change our opening hours in certain seasons throughout the year?

  • Sales efficiency

    Who are my most efficient sales reps in-store, and who implements new merchandising layouts fastest?

  • Footfall analysis

    How do people move in our mall, what are the most visited spots, and how can we bring more traffic to certain areas?

  • Operational efficiency

    Can I reduce maintenance, security and cleaning costs by seeing how often people are using restrooms or escalators?

Generate actionable insights

Retail and Real Estate firms may use geospatial to get macro-insights on their brick and mortar sites- but the most competitive ones are now looking indoors too.

Location data generated from WiFi networks, beacons, GPS applications, and Apple Indoor Maps make it easier for Retailers and Real Estate developers to optimize layouts and maximize efficiency, answering pressing business questions such as:

How we can help

We’ve worked with lots of different customers to help them optimize their indoor decision-making with location data. Our expert Professional Services team has years of experience building Indoor Mapping applications, as well as going beyond visualization to apply spatial analysis for large facilities.


Indoor mapping

Convert your maps into a digital format, connect multiple data sources and pre-process your location data..

  • Connect multiple data sources

    such as WiFi or GPS, in your GIS - homogenizing format for analysis.

  • Convert your maps

    from CAD to be used and styled within a custom app.

  • Store data

    in your Big Data platform allowing for historical analysis over time.


Indoor wayfinding

Use the power of mobile to improve customer experience and gain insights on customer behaviour..

  • Search engine

    Allow your customers to find points of interest in your location by integrating our technology in your app.

  • Route calculation

    Enable users to discover shops, restaurants or information points, and find the fastest route to them.

  • Smart routing

    Allow users to plan their route with different stops at key locations (e.g. Duty Free, Starbucks, then gate)


Indoor analytics

Analyze your data to find tangible business outcomes for your organization with our easy-to-use analytics dashboards..

  • Such as WiFi or GPS, in your GIS - homogenizing format for analysis.

  • Apply indoor data to the day to day of your business.

  • Assess the impact of business actions in your location, measuring ROI.

Ready to bring Location Intelligence indoors?