Jorge Gómez Sancha

Chief Development Officer

Jorge Gómez Sancha

Jorge started building Digital Products back when Netscape was still the hottest browser. With a background in Software Engineering, he pretty soon found himself managing teams of developers and designers. Without ever consciously trying, managing development teams became his number one skill (or maybe he is just good at hiring people that don’t need to be managed; he is not sure)

He is most proud about the company he co-founded in 2008 (BeBanjo), a company known for its fantastic VOD products and company culture, and one that is still going strong 8 years later. He sold the company to a french group in 2011 and stayed on as CEO for another 3 years after having managed everything that wasn’t sales or finance (Product Management, Software Development, Operations, etc).

There are few things that Jorge appreciates more than working with talented people and thus he obsesses about how teams should work, how to best develop software, how to optimise for happiness as well as for productivity and how to build an inclusive company culture that can attract and retain the most talented. As Chief Development Officer at CARTO, he is trying to help take the development process to the next level and lay the foundation for the inexorable growth that is ahead of the company.

He is a proud dad, a runner, a reader, a self-improvement enthusiast and he is been known to take up all kinds of hobbies, from Tango Dancing to Treehouse building and everything in between.

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