Understanding Residential Energy Usage with CARTO & Doorda

Javier Duque (Data Partnerships Manager at CARTO) Clifford McDowell (Founder & CEO at Doorda)
7 Jul
11:00 AM
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Maximizing Telco Data for Demand Planning, Data Monetization, and Microtargeting

Niek van Veen Florence Broderick Andrew Psaltis
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New Challenges, New Data: The Power of Location Data in Utilities

Virginia Diego Ben Terrett
26 min
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Mobile Data Insights: The New Building Blocks for Location Intelligence Apps

Florence Broderick David Gonzalez
31 min
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Vodafone Analytics - Making Better Business Decisions with Mobile Data

Javier Pérez Trufero Javier Montes Jovellar
23 min

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Spatial Data Science Conference 2022 New York

Columbia University, New York, US
20 Oct
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