• icon The Client

    The Center on Rural Innovation (CORI) uses progressive public, private, and philanthropic partnerships and strategies to achieve sustainable economic success in rural America.

  • icon The Challenge

    During the COVID-19 pandemic CORI wanted to analyze the disparity levels across the US and identify which areas were in greater need of support.

  • icon Results

    CORI partnered with AppliedXL, STAT, and CARTO to produce a COVID-19 Preparedness Tool.

    Throughout the pandemic, their mapping and data analytics team has also used CARTO to create maps that provide greater clarity into the ways COVID-19 is affecting rural America. From maps identifying the school districts being impacted by the lack of broadband availability, to maps highlighting the counties facing significant employment risks, they are focused on providing insights into all areas of rural life.

  • icon Why CARTO?

    By using CARTO the tool and maps have received an overwhelmingly positive response with many requests for more like it. The tool and maps have been widely shared by local leaders and officials who want to support their communities, and by members of the media who want to better understand the challenges facing rural America.

    For more details on this customer story, read the full blog post.

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