UNHCR - Jad Ghosn

“We had collected plenty of location data, CARTO enabled us to use it to make informed decisions!”

UNHCR - Jad Ghosn

Jad Ghosn,
Information Management Officer, Inter-Agency Coordination Unit

  • icon The Client


    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a global refugee agency whose mission is to protect the rights of refugees as well as helping them work towards a brighter future. UNHCR’s Inter-Agency Coordination Unit based in Beirut, Lebanon, is the epicenter of a complex web of refugee support and response where they coordinate 200 organizations.

  • icon The Challenge

    Aggregating their key datasets and making them accessible to their 200 partner organizations

    The Inter-Agency Coordination Unit made maintaining their geospatial data a core priority. The difficulties presented when doing so included the fact that tracking refugee settlements meant a constant on-the-ground-effort as well as enabling all 200 organizations the ability to access, visualize and analyze the data sets.

  • icon Results

    Real-time visualizations that allowed them to improve their emergency response time

    With the help of CARTO’s platform they centralized their data management and created on-the-fly real-time visualizations and apps for improved emergency response. This critical tool is available to all of their partners allowing them to build shared intelligence and insights between hundreds of stakeholders and groups.


  • icon Why CARTO?

    Accessible and user-friendly platform

    This project had a critical location component, putting CARTO at the forefront of their collaboration options. Thanks to CARTO’s platform many UNHCR partners who are not GIS experts are able to easily maintain and manage their data, perform spatial analysis and respond rapidly to emergency situations.

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