What are basemaps?

A basemap is a reference map on which users can overlay multiple layers of spatial or geographic data upon, such as vector or raster data.

Millions of users rely on CARTO basemaps for their applications - relying on our high-quality cartography to tell stories and gain insights through their location data.

How can I use CARTO basemaps?

Our basemaps can be used for free in applications and visualizations by CARTO grantees (full T&Cs available here. For commercial purposes, you will need an Enterprise license to ensure you have the best basemaps available for your project. To find out more about pricing, request a demo & we’ll be able to discuss your use case with you.

Why use CARTO basemaps?

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    Regular updates

    Continuous data updates based on open data sources such as OpenStreetMap.
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    Scalable & performant

    All maps are cached through a global CDN with more than 30 POPs providing highly accurate maps.
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    Designed by cartographers

    The clearest & most beautiful maps out there. Nobody likes an ugly map after all.

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