Beyond Potholes: Data you can collect with Fulcrum


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Beyond Potholes: Data you can collect with Fulcrum

Fulcrum which allows you to collect data in a distributed way on mobile devices is popular among experts in disaster recovery environmental management real estate and other fields where quick distributed data gathering is critical.

It's easy to sync your Fulcrum-collected data with CartoDB and you can learn more about Fulcrum in our [March 18 webinar].

But there are also plenty of lesser-known uses for Fulcrum such as:

Siberian craters

Dozens of giant holes have 'appeared' in the Russian hinterland recently raising some alarm. What made them? Where will they appear next? How do I avoid falling in one?

With Fulcrum you can collect data anywhere even offline. So when you return from outer Siberia your crater measurements and other observations will be safe and synced.

Microbes around town

After some serious research it turns out the New York City subway is filthy. But how does your city compare?

If you're a researcher swabbing city infrastructure for germs accuracy during lengthy labor-intensive collection projects is pretty important.

Fulcrum automatically location- and time-stamps your data so you can ensure you're getting accurate information from your sleep-deprived grad students.

Doing bike counts

Is your local bike advocacy group still using paper checklists? You know the ones that always seem to come back incomplete or with coffee stains on them?

Because Fulcrum's mobile surveys are so flexible you can limit input to the specific types or options you need so it's easy for any of your volunteers to get started.

Film location scouting

Parking space large enough for Michael Keaton's ego trailer? Check. Good dive bar nearby? Check.

Collect video in Fulcrum and hold onto data from multiple scouting projects so that it's easy to look back through your location options for your next blockbuster.

There are a million other uses for Fulcrum and [the March 18 webinar] will walk you through all the features. We're excited to see what you come up with!