• icon The Client

    Enveritas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2016 to overcome systemic barriers that prevent the application of proven solutions for ending poverty among smallholder coffee growers.

  • icon The Challenge

    Enveritas’ mission is to end global poverty in the coffee sector by 2030. Part of this mission involves “tracing” a coffee back to its source by not only identifying where it was grown and processed, but also understanding the social, environmental, and economic conditions in those places.

  • icon Results

    Using CARTO, Enveritas was able to display a current visualisation of the complexity of types of coffee based upon the ECX classification system.

  • icon Why CARTO?

    Really user friendly with a dynamic interface - far simpler and more accessible than others we tried.

    Also exceptional client care - the team are always alert and quick to respond!

    Karin Remmelzwaal, Partnerships at Enveritas

    For more details on this customer story, read the full blog post.

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