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“CARTO is helping our clients to start working with Location Intelligence solutions, leaving behind inefficient, traditional processes. This is a technical and, therefore, cultural change that makes it possible for a client with a portfolio of several hundred thousand assets to see them valued, analyzed, and located on a fully interactive map for the first time. That satisfaction, from viewing such relevant information about your assets, which can be filtered and segmented according to your need, is priceless to us.”

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Jorge Valero,
Director of Tinsa Digital

  • icon The Client

    Tinsa Digital

    Tinsa Digital is a European proptech company, specializing in the use of real estate, economic, financial, and socio-demographic data. Tinsa’s subsidiary was incorporated into the proptech industry in 2018 with the aim of offering its clients powerful technological solutions that enable agile management of real estate portfolios.

  • icon The Challenge

    Optimizing Real Estate portfolio management with more spatial insights

    Tinsa Digital sought to develop an application with an architecture that would allow their clients (Financial Institutions, Investment Funds, and Real Estate agencies) to represent and interact with a large volume of spatial information in an agile way.

    Therefore, a few challenges needed to be taken into account such as an effective integration and automation of ETL processes and user management for large volumes of information.

  • icon Results

    The Tinsa Digital Analytics application

    Tinsa Digital has been able to automate the loading and visualization of information, generating a “user-friendly” display, requiring no specialized training. Bringing CARTO’s technology into the platform development process allowed them to gain a 30% increase in customer satisfaction through more dynamic data representation.

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  • icon Why CARTO?

    An on-premise solution to easily integrate

    Working with CARTO’s tech stack allowed them to prototype solutions in an agile way using CARTO Builder’s intuitive UI, and to develop an ad-hoc product for consulting clients using different development libraries such as CARTO.js, CARTO VL, and Airship. With CARTO it was possible to integrate the solution on-premise, guaranteeing data security in their cloud.

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