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Working with spatial data

  • Finding the location data I need can take weeks as there are too many providers offering similar data and it’s difficult to assess quality
  • Licensing can also be a long and tedious process: I’ll have to negotiate terms with every single data provider
  • Enriching my data will be hard as I’ll need to deal with different formats and support geographies

How CARTO can help

  • Simple access to public and premium data from vetted sources
  • Faster licensing process thanks to existing agreements with leading data providers
  • Easy enrichment with data already presented in standardized formats
How CARTO Helps

How can you access our data?

Data Scientists & Analysts typically only spend 20% of their time analyzing. Datasets listed in the spatial data catalog are available through the Data Observatory, a spatial data platform that enables them to stop wasting time on “data admin”.

Take away the pain of discovery, evaluation & ETLing & ensure you’re maximizing the time spent on the models that answer your most pressing business questions.

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How does it work?

You can access open and premium datasets from the Data Observatory in your own work environment.

Jupyter notebooks

Jupyter notebooks

Discover the most suitable datasets for your analysis, subscribe to them, select the variables you want to use, and enrich your data — all from your Jupyter notebook using CARTOframes

Jupyter notebooks
Discover CARTOframes
CARTO’s web mapping tool

CARTO’s web mapping tool

Easily bring spatial datasets to Builder, CARTO’s drag and drop mapping tool, extract key insights, and create lightweight, intuitive dashboards to share across your organization.

CARTO’s web mapping tool
Learn more about Builder

Other tools

Want to access datasets from other platforms via the Data Observatory? Get access to data from BigQuery or contact us to discuss your needs in other platforms, such as Snowflake or AWS Athena.

Other tools
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Other tools

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