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Spatial Analysis

Move from seeing where
to understanding why

Spatial analysis doesn't have to be rocket science

Whether it's optimizing billboard sites, balancing sales territories or designing supply chains - understanding & analyzing spatial data is critical to the future of your business. CARTO's Location Intelligence platform allows organizations to store, enrich, analyze & visualize their data to make spatially-aware decisions.

What’s your industry?

80% of data collected by businesses has a location component, but only 10% is used to drive decision-making. Organizations able to tap into spatially-driven analytics have a unique opportunity to gain an edge and deliver on business goals.

Learn how your industry peers are using spatial data and analysis.

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How it works

A one-stop shop for simpler, faster spatial analytics

Data Scientists, Analysts, and Developers create competitive advantage, optimize business processes, and predict future outcomes by using CARTO’s technology, data, and services.

Cloud native

Discover the advantages of cloud-native GIS at scale

The only Location Intelligence platform to offer cloud-native, on-premise, and hybrid deployments - accommodating the needs of the modern data & GIS professional.

What our clients say

  • “Our Data Science & Engineering teams use CARTO’s platform to power our in-house solution Gea. It has provided a fast-track to enhance the solution & bring value to our clients. The Python package has allowed us to integrate CARTO into our DataOps pipelines, allowing us to create, update & publish maps faster, saving our team valuable time, and giving a better service.”

    Isaac Pernas,
    Chief Information Officer at JLL

  • “As a client and partner of CARTO, we’ve accelerated the development of our Mastercard Retail Location Insights product which helps investors, retailers, governments and others better understand spending trends in local communities. Their team is extremely agile & their products intuitive, which is why we continue to work with them.”

    Elina Greenstein,
    Director of Partner Sales, Advisors for Mastercard

  • “By working with CARTO we’ve been able to build the world’s leading telco data monetization solution (Vodafone Analytics) for Tourism, Real Estate & Retail - turning mobile event data into highly valuable spatial insights in 5 countries.”

    David Gonzalez,
    Chief Data Officer at Vodafone Group

  • “Considering spatial data in our aggressive expansion plans has been a key part of our success. By designing our territories in CARTO, we’ve been able to improve customer satisfaction significantly - working closely with our grocery store partners.”

    Neera Chatterjee,
    Senior Product Manager at Instacart

  • “CARTO allows us to use hundreds of spatial variables in our analysis, including demographics, competitor data & credit card transaction data to very quickly gain a competitive information edge in our bidding processes, allowing us to push our assumptions further & faster.”

    Tim Kiely,
    Data Scientist at American Securities

  • “CARTO’s spatial analysis capabilities have allowed us to better articulate the actual events & trends happening in different companies to improve our fundamental investment research, using new datasets & methodologies to advise our clients.”

    Rayne Gaisford,
    Head of Data Strategy in Equity Research at Jefferies

What industry analysts say


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