Powerful technology born from a simple idea: Farmers can save time, spend less money, expose their land to fewer chemicals, and minimize their waste by using high precision GPS to carefully track their work.

Agroguía is helping to plant grain, olive, rice and vineyard farms at tractor speeds and even from the air.


In August, a group of technologists and farmers tested a new precision agriculture device called Agroguía, by planting rice over a 40,000,000 square meter plot of rice farmland - the largest in Europe. To execute this effeciently, Agroguía planted the rice using a plane that reached speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. This was the first time Agroguía used air technology. They had previously only helped farmers using standard ground methods.


Agroguía, provides highly precise guidance during the planting, spraying, and harvesting on farms around the world. In addition to guiding farmers in the fields, it makes use of CARTO to provide real-time statistics and data visualization. Reports are delivered to farmers as emails with beautiful, easy-to-read maps. The farmers can see exactly what areas of the fields they have covered and what amount of time it took.

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