Swedish Radio Maps Migration Paths of Syrians Fleeing to Fortress Europe

Swedish Radio, a public service broadcasting company, in cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union and in collaboration with reporters from the BBC, Radio France, and Bayerischer Rundfunk, has collected stories of Syrian refugees en route to Europe. This interactive map features the migration paths of refugees interviewed in Turkey, Sweden, and other European countries.


Over 3.2 million Syrians are fleeing the escalating war, oppression, and persecution that is devastating their homeland. Among them are bankers, engineers, journalists, doctors, students, farmers, shopkeepers, and industry workers. Many of them have travelled to Turkey to enter Europe, with most trying to relocate to Sweden in particular. Reporters from Swedish Radio have been in contact with over 70 Syrians and chronicling their attempts to enter what has been called "Fortress Europe".
Many of these refugees have applied for or been granted asylum in a European country. Some have been sent back to a country they passed through, and some have been imprisoned. However, many remain stranded in Turkey or are hiding somewhere within this fortress.


Swedish Radio created a CARTO visualization to showcase the travel patterns of each refugee interviewed. The menu of refugee profiles on the right side of the map is custom-coded using CartoCSS. Use it to find out more about a family stranded in Poland without identification papers, a group of women lost in the woods on the border between Turkey and Bulgaria, and others.

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