GIS for Urban Planning by the Cordoba City Council

The Urban Municipal Management of the City Council of Cordoba (in Southern Spain), in fulfilling one of the main objectives of providing information to citizens in a simple and comprehensive way, has made use of CARTO to visualize important data of the area. Check out their website to see all the plans and maps available.


Since 2013, the Urbanism Municipal Management of the City Council of Cordoba has published a large amount of data and information on the territorial and urban management of Cordoba on the official website. Part of that information had a geographic or spatial component that wasn’t easy to explain to the citizens. For this reason, they decided to create maps with CARTO’s help.


To provide information to citizens in a more simple and comprehensive way, all the plans, buildings, collections and archaeological interventions of the city were visualized using CARTO. Thanks to the tool, the council was not only able to build maps easily and quickly but also managed to share documentation and context information.

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