Living Cities

The CARTO team received access HERE Platform data and were challenged to show a city coming to life over a 24 hour period. Using CARTO we worked on visualizing traffic data in multiple cities and highlighting interesting data facts.

This is a very data intensive visualization derived from millions of GPS traces.


The visualization was built using CARTO cloud infrastructure. It makes use of HTML5 Torque technology to animate geospatial data sets over time. On the design, we worked with the HERE team to bring to life the branding and style.

In one week in Berlin we prototyped together the main concepts and proceeded to polish details over a month.


We believe this data can be used for many different things and CARTO allows for exploration of interesting visualizations that tell different stories.

In this visualization, you can see traffic density and a lot of visual facts derived from the aggregated data we get about the city.

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