Millennials Change New Jersey Population Dynamics

A Star-Ledger analysis of Census and real estate data reveals that the state’s outer-ring suburbs have stagnated. The trend toward more urbanized municipalities has been driven by the millennials, whereas the Baby Boomers are aging in place.


New Jersey's suburbs are filled with aging Baby Boomers while younger couples move to urbanized communities and static data fails to reveal the drivers of these relational population trends to the public.


The Star-Ledger made a CARTO choropleth map to reveal the percent change in the population of New Jersey residents 62 years and older by municipality.
From this visualization, analysts concluded that the suburb's populations are graying far more quickly than anywhere else in the state because younger couples are flocking to urban zones like Morristown, Maplewood, and Montclair — which have walkable downtowns and easy access to mass transit.

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