Visualizing 50 Years of Concerts of the Rolling Stones

To celebrate the launch of version 2.0 of CARTO, the team wanted to develop a small and quick visualization to demonstrate the technical capabilities, and show some of the interesting things that can be told through maps.

'So we started thinking and then the idea came: what could be better than mapping 50 years of Rolling Stones concert tours?'


After scraping Wikipedia to get the data, it was imported into CARTO and quickly styled — with very little time wasted on the tough geospatial work. Then he built the front-end combining CARTO.js and Reveal.js for simulating the presentation style.

The visualization also takes advantage of the CARTO geospatial capabilities, like route length calculation. Total time? Less than two days for a single person.


An interactive visualization that displays all Rolling Stones concert tours, allowing fans to navigate their almost 1 million kilometers spent on the road and some texts summarizing the different tours.

It was done by a single person in a couple of days, and was featured in many different blogs, receiving more than 1M visits during the firts months. Using CARTO is that easy.

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