How it works

Find the option that better suits your existing workflows

CARTO is a flexible platform that connects to data, tools, and services you already use to simplify your workflow.

  • Data sources

    Use your data no matter where it's stored: files, cloud storages, other databases, and more.

  • SQL Direct Connection

    Start your work in other BI or GIS tools and then bring your data over to CARTO. You can also connect your existing database clients.

  • Integrations

    Work across different tools and easily embed your CARTO maps and analyses in other platforms.

Data sources

Bring your data to CARTO to kick off your spatial analytics journey—whether it's a local file, a data warehouse, or a remote database.


  • Local Files

    Import a file such as CSV, XLS, ZIP, KML, GPX, GPKG, FGDB…

    Local Files

  • URL



  • ArcGIS™ Server

    ArcGIS™ Server

  • BigQuery


  • Box


  • Dropbox


  • Google Drive

    Google Drive

  • Hive


  • Microsoft SQL Server

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • MySQL


  • PostgreSQL


Federated tables Beta

  • Amazon Redshift

    Amazon Redshift

  • Amazon RDS

    Amazon RDS

  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL

    Azure Database for PostgreSQL

  • Google Cloud SQL

    Google Cloud SQL

  • PostgreSQL


Perform live queries to a remote database using federated tables. Designed to connect to the rich PostgreSQL ecosystem.

SQL Direct Connection

Connect to CARTO from other GIS or BI tools and database clients: bring your CARTO data to other tools you already use.

  • Read and write from QGIS and other GIS tools
  • Analyze data from a CARTO account using desktop BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and others
  • Connect to your PostgreSQL CARTO database from database clients such as pgAdmin and psql
SQL Connections


Embed CARTO maps and analysis into other tools, or switch platforms at different stages in your workflow.

  • Tableau CRM

    Tableau CRM

    Seamlessly integrate CARTO maps in Tableau CRM using our Salesforce Lightning app component, enabling administrators and users with full mapping capabilities


    Work across and CARTO. Save maps from Kepler to CARTO and load your saved maps back to Kepler.

  • Alteryx


    Easily prepare, blend, and analyze local and cloud data from multiple sources in repeatable workflows with Alteryx, then quickly map, visually analyze, and explore the results in CARTO to maximize your analysis and extract the most location intelligence.

Anything missing?

If there are any tools or services that you'd like to see here, please let us know. We're always eager to learn more about your needs.

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Is there anything missing?
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