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"Geospatial Data Science allows us to operate at far faster speeds. When we can see things in context, we can instantly see fundamental problems between zones. Creating tools through CARTO gives us the ability to put data into the hands of stakeholders & help them answer their questions."

daniel deliveroo

Daniel L J Thomas,
Geospatial Data Scientist, Deliveroo

  • icon The Client


    Deliveroo is a leading British online food delivery company currently operating in 12 markets. Deliveroo is a 3-sided marketplace (meaning they are composed of restaurants, delivery riders and consumers) with 115k restaurants and 100k riders, and their overarching goal as a company is to enable the highest quality human and machine decision making.

  • icon The Challenge

    Optimizing consumer, logistics & restaurant operations

    Deliveroo came to the table with unique, multifaceted operations challenges for its three markets: consumer, logistics and restaurant/grocery.

    At the consumer-level, Deliveroo was interested in learning where they should expand their restaurant offering, understanding how to conduct true geographic segmentation and exploring how to create super granular marketing campaigns for various neighborhoods.

    On the logistics side, Deliveroo was interested in optimizing routes to user’s addresses and discovering a method to stack orders more efficiently.

    For their restaurant/grocery market, Deliveroo was interested in exploring site selection for new Hop / Editions locations and how they could help their clients improve their availability throughout their respective countries. They were also interested in understanding how user selection and experience would change based on their delivery radius.

  • icon Results

    Hyperlocal & data-driven expansion, consumer segmentation & route optimization strategies

    Using location analytics and spatial analysis techniques, like agent-based modeling and regression modeling, Deliveroo is able to look at different variables, see relationships between their markets and take a hyperlocal, data-driven approach in regards to expansion, consumer segmentation and route optimization decisions.

    Additionally, thanks to CARTO, Deliveroo is able to help its stakeholders visualize and gain insight into their data through a user-friendly interface so they can understand where and why things happen.

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  • icon Why CARTO?

    Cloud-native & 11k datasets

    Deliveroo’s business is inherently geospatial. They needed a Location Intelligence platform that was accessible and would enable their teams to easily turn their data into interactive visualizations directly in the cloud. As Snowflake users, Deliveroo chose CARTO due to our Spatial Extension for Snowflake which allows them to run advanced spatial analytics directly in Snowflake. Now Deliveroo can quickly create solutions bringing in more data to inform decisions from the Data Observatory to help stakeholders adapt their strategies towards marketing, operations and logistics - reducing costs and accelerating revenues in the process.

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