What has been your experience so far using spatial data analysis?

So we didn’t really have a lot of spatial data analysis going on at delivery.com before we partnered with CARTO. Since we’ve partnered with CARTO, we’ve looked at our data in a different way, so trying to understand trends across the restaurant delivery service industry and how those trends change in different cities. So we operate in over 1800 cities, so can we predict how things will seasonally change based on where those cities are located.

What has been the impact of spatial data analysis so far?

I think the biggest impact we’ve seen was when we just expanded our business to cover pretty much the entire country. And it’s been a really easy way to visualize how that expansion is going, compare it to what the company that we acquired used to be doing. So I think just seeing our trends of how we’re expanding has been the greatest impact for us, an easy way to do that.

How do you look at data differently now?

We grouped all of our data together and we didn’t realize that any of it was really related to where it was coming from, but because obviously people behave differently based on where they are, we’ve kind of changed our whole perspective on how we do our sales and our marketing. And we target based on different geolocations now that we are able to understand how our business is different in different cities.