MASNYC Maps for Civic Engagement

The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) established the Accidental Skyline initiative in 2013 in response to high-rise development along the southern border of Central Park.
CARTO maps each borough with street-level detail per address, revealing landmark designation, FAR status, zoning classification, and more to show where new development could occur across New York City. These interactive visualizations are designed for citizens to understand what's possible for planning their neighborhoods.


While MAS’s work started in response to the buildings near Central Park, this issue increasingly concerns neighborhoods across the city.
Luxury, high-tech buildings are constructed without public or environmental review and have an impact on the city's culture and urban environment. Many New Yorkers feel left out of the planning process and are unaware of development proposals until shovels hit the ground.
Growth is good for the city, but with development pressure high in many areas, projects should proceed in a thoughtful and transparent manner.


MAS used CARTO to inform New Yorkers about where and how these buildings could affect their neighborhoods. The maps show where new development could occur across the city and allow residents to assess how their neighborhoods are changing.

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