Airbnb vs. Berlin

With recent trends in the housing market of Berlin, much debate has arisen as to whether Airbnb as become a significant factor in housing affordability and availability. With the Berlin population being one of the largest users of Airbnb in Europe, many of the correlations between its growing use and real estate prices has sparked a very powerful discussion and debate.


It's often difficult to frame conversations about real estate rental affordability in the context of a single stressor. With the growth of AirBNB skyrocketing across the globe, many experts have speculated about the impact that such a popular platform is having. A closer look at the data and powerful tools such as CARTO are contributing to the conversation and allowing for critical analysis of the situation.


It's difficult to argue with data. In the discussions surrounding Airbnb, it's often difficult to pin monumental changes such as rent price increases in major cities on a single platform. While the relationship between Airbnb use and the real estate market do seem to some interesting conclusions, careful analysis, data visualization, and research capacities can begin to unpack the real housing paradigm in Berlin.

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