CARTO Introduces Open-Source to a Major NYC Dataset

CARTO Chief Science Officer, Andrew Hill, worked with data advocates, the Department of City Planning, DoITT, and the Chief Analytics Officer’s office to liberate one of New York City’s most fundamental datasets.
The PLUTO dataset contains tax lot-level data from the NYC Department of Finance Tax Map, as well as land-use and geographic data about the city's five boroughs.


As of today, PLUTO contains 857,879 tax lots across New York City and many beautiful errors. On the surface, PLUTO lets mappers look at simple characteristics of the city. However, the enormity of available data also raises an overwhelming number of critical questions about the geospatial profile of NYC - not to mention long loading and scraping time.


CARTO's multifunctional wizard helps users make sense of data pockets in the most targeted and advantageous ways. For example, if a user wants to map how much land in each borough is city-owned, then he or she can perform a SQL query and generate a choropleth visualization of that specific data. For more insights about the possibilities of PLUTO, check out Andrew's Data Tour.

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