The Project Climate Policy Initiative Re-Imagines CARTO for Non-Geo Visualizations

This interactive version of the Policy Climate report is a good example of how an online visualization can complement and extend exploration and analysis possibilities of data-driven reports. With this tool, users have the ability to explore data and understand climate policy in new ways.


The Policy Climate Initiative began as a small-scale project so a set of visualizations flexible enough to allow the proper exploration of more than 50 different variables needed to be defined with minimal resources.
Additionally, a navigational system that allowed the user to compare different metrics by country, sector, and subject was necessary.


CARTO data visualizations used the powerful D3 framework, allowing development of tailored graphs that fit project needs. Four graph types were created to allow users to quickly explore and understand the underlying data. For the back-end, Ruby on Rails was chosen for templating and CARTO for data service.

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