Every policy is influenced by location - whether it's insurance or reinsurance. See how you can use spatial analytics for catastrophe modeling, fraud detectin, risk analysis & more.

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Catastrophe Modeling

In a rapidly changing world, being equipped with functional risk solutions to assess exposure during catastrophe modeling is fundamental. Our platform provides spatial insights and climate related data streams that can help you effectively manage your capital, from disaster assessment to maximizing control over policy selection before the risk is in your portfolio.



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Exposure Management

Identifying patterns in risk exposure becomes far more efficient with fast and intuitive visualizations of location data. CARTO’s solutions allow you to empower your organization with risk intelligence that boosts both your resiliency and portfolio management - whether it is commercial, home, health, or any other type of insurance.

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Portfolio Risk Analysis

An increasing number of Insurance firms are now moving towards Spatial Risk Management - using software to show the spatial distribution of risks and the allocation of resources. Using Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSSs), they can effectively use analytical methods with geospatial datasets to model risk, in order to more rapidly and effectively plan, underwrite, and react.



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