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A dashboard that provides actionable marketing insights

CARTO's customizable dashboards allow marketers to identify where their campaigns are most successful, evaluate target audiences, and ascertain if specific campaigns are having an effect on consumer purchases. Retailers can analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns in real time, to measure results, toggle to visualize, and perform analysis on competitors.

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Performance analysis for companies that want to expand

CARTO provides visualizations and dashboards for a complete data analysis tool to better access network connectivity and availability. As an easy to use solution that harnesses open data and filters, augments, and analyzes for deeper insights in your BI analysis, telecommunications companies can decide where to make the next hotspot.

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Insightful analysis of the busiest airports all over the world

Geographica’s flight route tracker provides a level of analysis that allows viewers to consider modern issues that might affect traditional flight patterns. To build your own tracking app, start with CARTO's flexible APIs to transform your data into real insights.

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