• 1Full mapping capabilities
  • 2Lightning enabled
  • 3Two-way binding
  • 4Visualize at scale
  • 5Filter in the map
  • 6Add extra layers
  • 7Beautiful basemaps
  • 8Infowindows
  • 9Available for bundling
Full mapping capabilities

1. Full mapping capabilities


Drilling down to street level for latitude/longitude or polygon data.

Lightning enabled

2. Lightning enabled


Implemented with the latest Lightning Web Component technology so no coding is needed to embed.

Two-way binding

3. Two-way binding


With refreshes on the map when filtering on dashboards and vice versa.

Visualize at scale

4. Visualize at scale


Visualize hundreds of thousands of points with effective cartography*.

*Depending on configuration.

Filter in the map

5. Filter in the map


With viewport filtering or by bounding box.

Add extra layers

6. Add extra layers


Using CARTO Builder or third party sources, enabling you to add context to your data.

Beautiful basemaps

7. Beautiful basemaps


Use Positron, Dark Matter or Satellite basemaps.


8. Infowindows


Allowing you to get key details for every record.

Available for bundling

9. Available for bundling


For Salesforce ISV partners.

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Pricing and deployment model

This Lightning Web Component is distributed as an unmanaged package, that is regularly updated by CARTO. Ready to trial it?

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For Salesforce customers

  • Included on all our enterprise plans. Price based on number of users.
  • Includes support package for configuration training.

For Salesforce ISV partners

  • Price based on number of users.
  • CARTO includes Professional Services to ensure your success.
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