Vodafone Analytics

Capture the value of mobile data insights for your organization.

Vodafone Desktop

Use Location Intelligence to understand consumer behaviour, using Vodafone’s anonymized and aggregated mobile event data from 25% of the population.

In partnership with:

  • Retail

    Understand the profile of potential customers in your store catchment areas.

  • Real Estate

    Gain greater insight on foot traffic and socioeconomic profiles ahead of investment and pricing decisions.

  • FMCG / CPG

    Understand consumer profiles by location to drive commercial strategy for your products.

  • Tourism

    Analyze tourist profiles and behaviour to improve visitor experience and profitability for your city.

  • OOH

    Identify where key audiences for Outdoor Media advertising campaigns can be targeted.

Site Planning

Whether you’re opening, relocating, closing or repurposing a site, a bad location decision can cost your company millions. Identify prime locations before your competition do - using data created 24 hours a day

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Site Planning
Performance Management

Performance Management

Analyze consumer behaviour in the catchment area of your site, gaining unique foot traffic metrics and demographic insight based on data collected 365 days a year.

Drive omnichannel success with LI


The secret sauce for location-driven marketing campaigns is always-on, high quality data streams. Vodafone Analytics creates mobile data insights from more than 30% of the population.

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Investment Analysis

Investment Analysis

Understanding foot traffic and socioeconomic profiles is key to price and invest in commercial property effectively. Predict gentrification or analyze the Airbnb effect through location data.

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