Automate data preparation & analysis
pipelines with our no-code workflow design

Simplify your analysis with a visual workflow design & automation tool 

Design, run & share analysis flows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. All of the scalability benefits of cloud-native analysis, without the need for specialist SQL knowledge.


Unleash the analytical power of the modern cloud data stack with automated workflows. Quickly build efficient and scalable cloud-native analysis steps in a simple-to-use, visual language environment. Our preconfigured Workflow templates get you up and running quickly, whether your are looking for basic analysis building blocks or more complex, industry-specific geospatial pipelines.

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With Workflows you can accelerate insights from your analysis using the power of geo-enabled data warehouses. Design, automate and share analytical workflows natively in Google Cloud BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and PostgreSQL without writing any SQL.

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From data preparation and integration, to more advanced modeling including support for Spatial Indexes and Machine Learning. Workflows unlocks a complete range of analytical components so you can quickly design and iterate your analysis, reducing the time to insight and the need for specialist skills.

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Create multi-step data analysis pipelines using our intuitive Workflows canvas. Configure and manage input data sources, define nodes and analysis steps, debug elements and easily visualize interim results in data tables and maps.

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Workflows are fully integrated with the CARTO Location Intelligence platform. Enrich your data using more than 12,000 datasets from our Spatial Data Catalog, and automate sophisticated analytics using pre-built SQL modules from our Analytics Toolbox. Transform the output of your analysis into powerful visualizations and shared dashboards, using Builder.

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