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With CARTO, making maps like the one you saw isn’t rocket science. Our data visualization & analytics platform allows you to create dashboards in minutes.

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How it works


Easily connect your data

Whether you’re starting from a spreadsheet, connecting to your existing business software or mapping data from Open Data sources, CARTO allows you to add your data in seconds with a simple drag-and-drop interface or from Python notebooks. Whether it’s addresses in a CSV, shapefiles, KML or GeoJSONs - CARTO rapidly plots your data on the map.


Fast Drag-and-Drop Analytics

With CARTO, you won’t need to write a single line of code to carry out spatial analysis. Geocode data, create polygons from points, detect clusters and outliers, create travel or distance buffers, intersect & aggregate and much more - making your online mapping and visualization process faster and more insightful.

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Automatically Pinpoint Key Insights

Auto-Styling analyzes mapped data to discover trends and relationships, automatically applying the best visual layers to highlight patterns and eliminate manual guesswork.


Enrich your data with our spatial data catalog

Bring new types of relevant data into your dashboards to help make sense of your existing data. Whether it’s weather, housing, financial or foot traffic data - we make it simple to take your insights to the next level with our data catalog.


Share dashboards and insights in minutes

Share your visualizations and dashboards in minutes, publically on the web, or protected by a password. Whether you use CARTO in the cloud or on-premise, it is simple to share key business insights with stakeholders.

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What our customers say on G2

  • “I love its applicability. I have created numerous maps with CARTO Builder in the last year. For point features, you can use any icons imaginable and display all kinds of information in the pop-ups. I also created many heatmaps or progress maps that showed our team’s editing work in specific cities or regions.”


    Data Analyst,
    Local Government, United States

  • “It is easy to use yet very powerful. Within a couple of hours, you can get a beautifully looking web map live. No need for coding or mapping knowledge as long as you understand your data. The advanced styling and analysis tools can get you even further.”


    Data Scientist,
    SaaS Company, Canada

  • “Ease of access and speed. For a digital mapping platform, CARTO Builder is both intuitive and efficient. I am able to upload and operate datasets quickly (along with exporting full projects); and, customize the features with relative comfort - including adding and removing without too much complication. It is comparatively the best platform I’ve used in the years I’ve been mapping, and they have been among the most helpful hands on assistance when it comes to snafus while working.”


    GIS Developer,
    Telecommunications, United States

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