Revitalize Real Estate Strategies with Location Intelligence


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Revitalize Real Estate Strategies with Location Intelligence

Eight years after the housing market crisis and the enusing Great Recession of 2008 the real estate market is only now showing signs of recovery. In July 2016 for example 654 000 single-family homes were sold according to the latest census report from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development which marks a 12.4% increase from June 2016 figures and an incredible 31.3% increase from July 2015. These statistics are encouraging but what deeper insights can be leveraged from the report’s tables of numerical statistics?

In CARTO's Real Estate webinar you will learn that today's real estate motto is no longer "Location Location Location " but rather "Location Intelligence Location Intelligence Location Intelligence." Over the course of 45 minutes our CARTO team will provide you with a strategic overview of the resources needed in today's sharing economy to maintain a competitive edge in the real estate market.

Our webinar will introduce the latest developments in location intelligence to you and your business partners while demonstrating how data visualization can enhance strategic real estate investments. Learn how CARTO provides maps based on gravity models for instance that analyzes a prospective property investment. The deep insights that this type of data analysis offers extends far beyond traditional presentation styles of statistical information which will allow strategic long-term business planning founded upon precise location intelligence.

We've partnered with JLL to chart past and present market trends throughout the city of London for prospective businesses considering relocating their firms in the city.

Did you know that 80% of all data collected contains location elements but that less than 25% of businesses today incorporate this information into long-term strategic planning?

Be ahead of this learning curve and register today for CARTO's Real Estate webinar

In this session you will learn how to forecast real estate trends with Location Intelligence including:

  • Vector Basemaps
  • Geocoding & Routing
  • Data Observatory

Join us on Thursday September 29th to learn more about how CARTO's Location Intelligence can enhance business intelligence in the real estate sector. Register today!

Happy data analysing!