CartoDB embeds brought to you by Embedly


Effortlessly integrate CartoDB with Embedly for seamless map embeds on your responsive website. Simplify content integration with Embedly's Javascript library.

This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
CartoDB embeds brought to you by Embedly

Have you ever wrestled with iframes in responsive websites? What about resizing them after the page is loaded? Or maybe your site relies on consistently themed embeds from multiple services? If any of those or any other challenges of using map embeds on your platform sound challenging to you  look no further - CartoDB is now a supported Embedly endpoint.

What is Embedly?

Embedly is a service for embedding rich media in your website with a simple API. It wraps up a lot of the unpredictability across platforms (e.g. dimensions  URL endpoints etc.) in a simple-to-use Javascript library that makes the content integration easy.

Why use Embedly?

If you are using our normal embeds  nothing has changed  you can still use them! Embedly is an alternative if you want some cool added functionality.

Embedly is really focused on making content integration on your site consistent. It integrates CartoDB through a supported API and makes it so that no matter what CartoDB URL you share  it will give you back the correctly formatted embed map for your site. This makes it really useful if CartoDB isn't the only content provider you are embedding on your site. Take a look at how it works over here.


Embedly also handles responsive embeds really nicely. If this has ever been a problem on your website  take a look at this demo  just paste in the URL of spencer the cat to see how it works with CartoDB.


Another interesting service that Embedly offers is the ability to generate beautiful and consistent content Cards for your website. CartoDB is also supported in the Embedly Cards service.

Much more

There are a ton of other things that the Embedly API and Javascript library can do  head over to their documentation to learn more. Hopefully this helps you out in your mapping adventures!