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Connect the data dots with analysis nodes

With the incredibly powerful analytical capabilities of CARTO Builder, managing analytical workflows has never been more important. This is why we’ve created fast, easy, and functional ways of creating and understanding analysis.

The layer list makes it easy to not only see the hierarchy of your layers, but also the workflows of analysis attached to each layer through analysis nodes located directly below each layer name. At any time, each of the analytical processes can be selected directly from the layer list and modified.

The “add new analysis” screen can be accessed in two ways. The first is by selecting the layer title and then selecting “analysis” from the layer view. This analysis panel allows you to add or modify any analysis while also providing a clear view of the analytical workflow through the analysis nodes at the top. The “add new analysis” screen can also be accessed directly from the layer list by selecting “add analysis.”

CARTO Builder makes it easy to build analysis on top of existing analysis and keep track of the changes. This allows for deep levels of drill-down exploration as users to create and clean data, transform it, then run more analysis on top of the results. The workflows can be easily seen through the sequential numerical labeling of each analysis node.

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Managing these often complex analytical workflows has never been easier. To get started with analysis in CARTO Builder, be sure to check out our analyzing your data section of our documentation.

Happy Data Mapping!

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