Data-driven color schemes

CARTOColors are a set of custom color palettes built on top of well-known standards for color use on maps, with next generation enhancements for the web and CARTO basemaps. Choose from a selection of sequential, diverging, or qualitative schemes for your next CARTO powered visualization.

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CARTO Color Schemes

Sequential schemes

Variations in lightness make these schemes ideal for mapping orderable or numeric data that progress from low to high using colors that range from light to dark (or vice versa).

    Diverging schemes

    Highlight values above and below an interesting mid-point in quantitative data with these schemes. The middle color is assigned to the critical value with two sequential type palettes at either end assigned to values above or below.

      Qualitative schemes

      Demonstrate categorical differences in qualitative data with these color schemes that use different hues with consistent steps in lightness and saturation.

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