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Environmental Management

Monitoring environmental shifts and predicting future changes through spatial data is crucial to minimize environmental degradation. Whether it is analyzing air pollution, disaster management, tracking the spread of forest fires, responding to oil spills or wastewater management - GIS solutions are a powerful way to find answers to protect our planet.

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Biodiversity Monitoring

Predicting where new populations of endangered species with a limited known range may exist, and identifying hotspots with additional spatial context is fundamental to preserve our world’s biodiversity. Spatial Data Science platforms allow you to target surveys and monitoring schemes - allowing you to gather data on habitat distribution by location to measure the extent of change. CARTO’s platform makes this easier than existing GIS solutions on the market.


Marine Spatial Planning

Improving decision-making and delivering an ecosystem approach to how we manage our marine environment must be treated as a priority. Failing to use all available sources of spatial data and local knowledge on the marine environment is a risk for our planet - and geospatial web applications provide a unique opportunity to improve this information-sharing process around marine governance.

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