Discover Cordoba's Archaeological Routes

Almagre has a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in patrimonial and technological fields that contributed their own knowledge and experience to the implementation of this project. The application allows you to tour the archaeological routes in the city of Cordoba, in Southern Spain, and to discover all the information of the Roman and Islamic monuments in the area. Learn more on our blog post.


The Almagre team developed a dissemination project, which seeks to give a detailed look into Cordoba’s rich heritage. A part of the project involved the creation of a cartographic viewer of all archaeological routes in the city. The challenge was to find a tool to store all the data and create interactive visualizations with it.


The team decided to use CARTO because of its capability to allow users to not only make beautiful and simple maps but to build applications on top of it. The application uses CARTO.js and the SQL API to enable users to explore the routes in a variety of ways. The map is available both in Spanish and English.

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