NatCap Integrates the Value of Nature Into Mapping for the Environment

The Natural Capital Project (NatCap) develops open-source ecosystem service tools to reach decision-makers and a broad community of environmentally engaged users. Partners include Stanford University, the University of Minnesota, The Nature Conservancy, and the World Wildlife Fund, whose shared reasearch drives demonstrating how nature's benefits can support more sustainable investment and policy decisions.


Improper management and abuse of the Earth's resources fails to yield a productive and responbsible flow of ecosystem services. Despite their vital importance, ecosystem services are generally taken for granted, scarcely monitored, and in many cases, undergoing rapid degradation and depletion.


NatCap has developed CARTO to quantify, map, and value ecosystem services to reveal the diverse benefits provided by nature, clarify tradeoffs between alternative development scenarios, and help people make more informed decisions about how to use land and water.
This interactive visualization features a Stamen-designed watercolor basemap and draw-on polygon functionality to create an area of interest for exploring coastal exposure, population metrics, and tourism values for better understanding climate-compatible development opportunities in Belize.

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