Where Do Bicycle Crashes Happen?

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia works to promote bicycling in the greater Philadelphia area. They advocate for increased bicycle infrastructure, resources, and awareness. A safe cycling environment is critical to increasing the number of people who use bicycles. The project aimed to identify the most dangerous locations in order to better target safety improvements through collaboration with the city.


How safe is it to ride a bicycle in the city of Philadelphia? Where are bicycle crashes most likely to occur? The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia needed a compelling way to visualize the data they had collected over the past several years. Mapping the crash locations with CARTO would help them bring attention to the geographic areas in need of safety improvements.


CARTO was used to generate an interactive bicycle crash map as both a stand-alone map and embeddable code that could be inserted into a website. The Bicycle Coalition is using that map to determine where crashes may be happening at a disproportionate rate and what the underlying causes might be. This is a significant first step forward in addressing bicycle safety in the city.

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