Interactive Map of Biodiversity and Habitat Protection Sites

This map shows both protected habitats across the world and allows for by-country interactivity that processes and analyzes large data sets to calculate global percentages of key plant types and species. The map showcases the power of CARTO to be both a beautiful and powerful scientific tool.


For scientists and researchers, there has been a need for both an accessible data visualization software capable of making beautiful maps, and a scientific tool that can process, analyze, and visualize large, complex datasets. A group of researchers, including CARTO Founder Javier de la Torre, sought to create their own platform to fill these needs and begin a daunting task: To map all the species across the planet.


For Javier de la Torre and his team, creating a platform with both the capacity to visualize large data sets, and the uncompromising ability to analyze and process data later became CARTO. Since then, CARTO has set the standard for beautiful interactive online maps at the click of a button. The biodiversity map demonstrates how cloud-based GIS technology can be both beautiful and powerful for working with complex data.

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