Explore England by Illustreets

Illustreets is a property location research tool for users looking to rent or buy property in England. It helps those looking to move to find the best places to rent or buy a house.

The application handles millions of records of governmental open data and distills it into an intuitive and attractive user experience.


The Illustreets team wanted to move beyond simple crime rates and housing prices, giving a deeper level of exploration for those really interested in discovering as much as possible about a location.

To do this they took to http://data.gov.uk and found 30,000 polygons, six million reported crimes, 20,000 schools, 400,000 public transport locations, and tens of thousands of census records that they need to handle in a scalable, high performance manner.


For almost three months the team researched and tested over a dozen mapping technologies, both commercial and Open Source. The application required speed, dynamic layer rendering, attractive map design and a flexible API. Finally the team found CARTO, and it emerged as the clear winner after only a short amount of testing.

The application uses CARTO.js, CartoCSS, and the SQL API to enable users to explore in a variety of ways.

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