Twice a year the sun aligns with the New York City midtown street grid in what is called ‘Manhattanhenge’.

We love to research and experiment with new datasets, so to celebrate CARTO 2.1 the team put together an interactive visualization showing off some of the latest capabilities to get people exploring maps interactively.


Every neighborhood across the five boroughs has a different pattern of street grids and therefore must have its own henge days!

We wanted a simple interface so everyone could explore where these mini-henges happen for every sunset throughout the year.


The beautiful thing about OSM is not only that anybody can contribute, but that the data is all freely available. It was downloaded and imported into CARTO. To calculate the alignment of the sun, the team used the SunCalc open source library. The visualization was built with javascript, combined with our vector rendering engine Mapnik, using the CARTO SQL API.

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