Trip Risk for Road Crashes in Australia

Often the personal connection to statistics on road crashes is hard to relate to (e.g. it wont happen to me). Presenting data within the context of the journeys we make everyday helps us to understand that these crashes are closer to our day-to-day lives than we think. We used CARTO to publish open data on crash statistics to raise awareness across the general public.


Visualizing crash data dynamically along a user defined route requires a number of spatial operations.

The functionality of CARTO allowed us to select the accident data (hosted in CARTO) along a users defined route, and using the awesome visualization functions of CARTO, present the crash data to the user with a personal connection to their journey.


The CARTO.js library can be easily integrated with other services. We used the MapQuest routing API, Google Charts, and the Nokia Here geocoding service. The application was built using AngluarJS framework.

The CARTO SQL API allowed us to combine data from each of these services to produce a dynamic and seamless experience.

We also felt that the site had to be responsive across devices. Again, because CARTO plays together so nicely with other libraries we were able to design an experience that worked really well on desktop and mobile browsers.

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